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Would you like to buy a vacuum apparatus? In this case, use the services of NPP "VACUUMNAIA TECHNIKA". It offers a wide range of devices at the best prices. In general, a vacuum pump is a special device designed to pump out vapor-gas mixtures and air. It is an essential tool for installing, repairing and maintaining systems such as air conditioning systems. Before refilling freon, it is necessary to vacuum all refrigeration units and systems. The vacuum pump pumps out moisture, gases, leaving after that a completely clean evacuated system.

Why are pumps needed? If you want refrigeration equipment to serve you for a long time, then the process of vacuuming is the most important when repairing and refilling air conditioning systems. In addition to creating a vacuum, the pump also eliminates water vapor. Even a small amount of moisture can be harmful. At temperatures below zero, moisture turns into an ice floe, and it is already able to clog the tube or simply interfere with the operation of the expansion valve.

Where can I order the repair of vacuum pumps?

Vacuum pumps regularly have to work in conditions of increased influence of most negative factors. As a result, this leads to the fact that the device needs preventive maintenance, maintenance, various repair and restoration processes. To do this, we provide our own specialized assistance and support for all customers. We work perfectly with any brand of equipment, promptly comply with all norms and requirements. With us, all your financial investments will really pay off.

In our service center a wide range of services for the repair, restoration of goods. We use only proven, most reliable technology. Our employees pay attention not only to the process, but even to the smallest details. The repair, restoration procedure includes a number of work processes:

  1. Input control. The device must be checked for faults, breakdowns, deviations. This will allow specialists to correctly determine the amount of work, identify the whole picture of breakdowns, and also approximately immediately estimate the price of the work.
  2. Disassembly. In order to identify the problem, it is necessary to disassemble the equipment. Such a process is carried out in a certain sequence, depending on the damage zone. This will additionally allow access to parts that are damaged or broken. This is necessary in order to understand whether they are suitable for restoration or a full replacement is needed.
  3. Disinfection. Since the pump is in constant contact with water, water ring vacuum pumps are present. Mold, fungi, as well as dangerous pathogenic viruses and bacteria can form in its systems. The cleaning procedure includes pre-washing, treatment with special compounds, as well as a thorough washing out of chemicals at the final stage.
  4. Cleaning. All accumulated contaminants prevent air from passing through the working fluid through the system. It can also lead to the fact that dirt will interfere with the operation of moving elements.
  5. Examination. All parts in the design can be seriously worn out or broken, damaged. Everything is necessary carefullyVIT-2, an ionization-thermocouple vacuum gauge. NPP Vacuum Technology. check, determine the condition of the components. Additionally, a check may be necessary for those components that were not the cause of the breakdown, but have deviations from the norm. This is necessary in order to immediately identify whether restoration processes are needed or it is better to replace immediately.
  6. Complete replacement parts. This procedure is carried out if it is no longer possible to restore the native part. For replacement, original or analog elements are selected that correspond to the seats, fasteners. This selection is carried out according to the following characteristics: manufacturer, brand, model.
  7. Assembly. After all the planned procedures to fix the problem have been carried out, the wizards will assemble. All parts will be installed and fixed. At the same time, the assembly scheme is taken into account in order for the equipment to work without breakdowns or failures.
  8. Conducting compliance testing. In order to understand whether the assembly was carried out correctly, the installation of the elements, a test run is carried out. The speed of work, start-up, volumes of pumped air, pressure in the tubes, temperature of the parts are taken into account. All this must fully comply with the norms and requirements.
  9. Checking the performance level. It should not be less or more than the set value. Each deviation is the first sign of problems with the assembly after restoration, unfinished repair. In some situations, the value is adjusted to the norm using the setting.
  10. Conclusion. It is written by experts in order to clearly identify and describe the problem. These documents are needed for devices that are under warranty or on the balance sheet of enterprises. In conclusion, the entire list of breakdowns is written, the reasons for their formation.

Our refurbishment services result in owners receiving a device that is in like-new condition. All the subtleties, operation parameters can be discussed with experts. They understand all the subtleties, features, models. Every detail, systems are studied precisely in order to explain the whole essence.

Why order vacuum pumps from us?

The assortment of our company offers a wide variety of vacuum pumps, almost all existing types. When ordering devices from us, you can note many positive points:

  • high strength index;
  • the most reliable design that can serve for years;
  • high gas pumping speed;
  • low noise, vibration during operation of the vacuum pump;
  • high starting pressure;
  • environmental safety.

All high-quality devices have a simple, but at the same time durable design, which has a positive effect on work efficiency. Due to the fact that the design is simple, almost all types of vacuum pumps have the same parts:

  • filters;
  • rotor;
  • frame;
  • nozzles;
  • cameras.

Each of the parts is endowed with an irreplaceable role, and they are not able to work without each other. The kit always contains all the listed elements, construction details. If one of the elements breaks down, it can always be replaced or even repaired.

Not sure which vacuum pump to choose? In this case, you should rely on what function it should perform in your case and decide on the variety. We have models designed to perform the specific function they can.

On the site you will find original, high-quality pumps. They will perform their work without failures and fully function. If you have any questions, you can always contact our staff. They are always in touch.

What services can be ordered at NPP "VACUUMNAIA TECHNIKA"?

Our company offers a wide range of services, the main ones include:

  1. Repair work for rotary vane vacuum pumps. This includes products of a dry, oil-sealing type. These products are commonly used to eliminate excess air and gases from systems. Typically, moving parts, exhaust systems, are subject to wear.
  2. Carrying out the restoration of vacuum pumps spool, plunger. They are needed to work with non-aggressive steam, gas, liquid media. Conductive cleaning parts may be clogged.
  3. Restoration of operation of membrane vacuum devices. Such models are used in industry, in the field of production for pumping out exhaust gases and not only. Problems can arise in the membrane, the drive mechanism.
  4. Repair work in double-rotor vacuum pumps. This technique is suitable for steam, gaseous compounds, which are pre-cleaned from chemical, liquid substances.

In addition to repair, restoration services, you can also be provided with other services related to the sale of vacuum pumps, maintenance, selection of the working fluid (vacuum oil) for your vacuum pump, and more. Turning to us, you will receive high-quality service, a full repair of your equipment. You will be guaranteed the duration of the operation of the equipment, as well as a guarantee for uninterrupted operation.

Is it worth it to use the services of NPP "VACUUMNAIA TECHNIKA"

Thinking about cooperation with us? We employ not only masters who have extensive experience working with various types of equipment. They carry out full diagnostics using high-quality computer equipment.

We have all the necessary resources and tools to carry out high-quality restoration procedures.

Thanks to our vast experience, we have the skills to solve problems of any complexity. We cope with the restoration of even the most hopeless devices and approach solving such issues wisely. If you have any questions regarding our services, service, be sure to contact our staff. They are always in touch and ready to advise on the stages, prices and other nuances.  We also offer a home visit service. He will perform all the manipulations in a limited time, which is especially important for the prompt restoration of production capacities. More accurate pricing information can only be provided after the device has been inspected. We guarantee "transparent prices", provide an estimate for all procedures performed.

Advantages of cooperation with NPP "VACUUMNAIA TECHNIKA"

NPP "VACUUMNAIA TECHNIKA"  is an enterprise that was founded at the end of the last century. Its main activity was the supply and repair of vacuum equipment, vacuum pumps and other units.

The company's specialists are always present on site and are ready at any time to help with the choice of vacuum equipment in accordance with the established terms of reference. All equipment, vacuum machines supplied or restored at the Vacuum Technique enterprise are provided with a guarantee. Our company has the ability to sell equipment, service, repair various types of vacuum equipment.

Maintaining uptime and reducing the risks of production downtime are essential. Wherever you are, NPP Vacuum Tekhnika is always ready to support you as a partner in equipment maintenance. Field service team, equipped center is always at your disposal for pump maintenance.

Using the services of our company, you are always guaranteed the high quality of equipment and repairs. Given the presence of your own repair shop, qualified employees, you get significant savings in time and money. Our employees are ready at any time to advise on all technical issues. They will help with the choice of equipment that is needed to complete your technological process. Long-term cooperation with most transport companies allows us to deliver equipment reliably and quickly throughout Russia.

Repair and restoration of vacuum pumps.