Repair and restoration of vacuum pumps


Vacuum pumps often operate under conditions of increased exposure to many negative factors. This leads to the fact that the device requires prevention, maintenance, repair or restoration work. For this we offer our specialized assistance. We work with any brand of equipment and comply with all requirements and standards as much as possible. With us, your financial investment will quickly pay off.

Our service center offers a wide range of services for the restoration and repair of products. We use only reliable and proven methods of work. Our employees pay close attention not only to the process as a whole, but also to the details.

How many stages are included in the workflow

The services of our service for the restoration of vacuum pumps imply the implementation of a high-quality multi-stage process. It includes only necessary and fulfilled services. They involve the following processes:

  1. Input control. The pump must be checked for malfunctions, serious damage and deviations. This will allow the masters to evaluate the entire scope of work, get the whole picture of malfunctions, and also approximately estimate the cost of the work.
  2. Disassembly. To understand the problem, the equipment must be disassembled. This process occurs in a certain sequence, depending on the area of ​​damage. Additionally, this will allow access to damaged parts to understand whether they are being replaced or can simply be restored.
  3. Disinfection. Since the pump is in contact with water, we mean liquid ring vacuum pumps, mold, fungus and pathogenic bacteria can grow in its systems. The cleaning process includes pre-rinsing, treatment with special compounds and thorough washing out of chemicals at the final stage.
  4. Cleaning. Accumulated contaminants interfere with the passage of air or working fluid through the system. It also leads to the fact that dirt can interfere with the work. Restoration and repair of vacuum pumps of all types, all manufacturers - NPP "Vacuum Technology". moving elements.
  5. Examination. Elements in the structure can be severely worn or damaged. You need to check everything and assess the condition of the details. Additionally, those components that did not cause a malfunction, but have a deviation from the norm, are also subjected to verification. This is done in order to immediately determine whether restoration services are needed or whether it is better to immediately replace.
  6. Replacement of accessories. This operation is carried out if it is impossible to repair or restore the native spare part. For replacement, original or analog spare parts are selected that will ideally fit the mounts and seats. Such a selection is provided by the name of the manufacturer, brand and model of the device.
  7. Assembly. After carrying out all the planned work to eliminate the problem, our specialists carry out the assembly. All components are installed in place and fixed. The assembly scheme must be taken into account so that the equipment works properly and without interruption.
  8. Compliance testing. To understand whether the process of assembly and installation of all elements took place correctly, a test run is carried out. The pace of work, start-up speed, volumes of air pumped out through the system, pressure inside the tubes, temperature of the elements are taken into account. All this must comply with the requirements and standards. The indicators are measured on special equipment and compared with the data specified in the technical documentation.
  9. Performance check. Performance should not be less or more than stated. Any deviation is the first indication of post-repair assembly problems or an unfinished repair process. In some cases, this value is brought to normal by adjusting.
  10. The conclusion of the examination. It is written by a professional to describe a problem. Such documents are required for those devices that are under warranty or on the balance sheet of various enterprises. In conclusion, a complete list of all malfunctions and the causes of their occurrence is indicated.

The services of our company, aimed at restoring the efficiency of vacuum pumps, lead to the fact that the owners receive a used device with the performance and condition of new equipment. All the nuances and parameters of the operation of the device can be discussed with our experts. They understand all models, principles of operation and features. Each element and system is thoroughly studied in order to explain the essence as much as possible.

What services do our experts provide?

In this section you can find a wide list of services that are active for ordering. NPP "Vacuum Technology" provides everything you need to solve problems. The main types of services are:

  1. Carrying out repair work for rotary vane vacuum pumps. This may include dry-type or oil-sealed products. Such products are usually used to remove excess air and gases from systems. Usually, moving parts and the exhaust system are subject to wear.
  2. Carrying out the restoration of the operational qualities of spool, plunger vacuum pumps. They are required to work with non-aggressive gas, steam and liquid media. Filtering or conductive elements may become clogged.
  3. Repair work on double-rotor vacuum pumps and units, for example, versions of the Roots brand. This equipment is suitable for gaseous and steam connections in the industry, which are previously cleaned of chemical and liquid impurities. Here, the problematic points are seals and moving components.
  4. Return of efficiency of diaphragm vacuum pumps. Such units are also used in the industrial and manufacturing sector for pumping out exhaust gases and pumping air masses under pressure. Problems may arise in the membrane or drive mechanism.

Turning to us for help, you get high-quality repaired equipment. We provide long-term operation and give a guarantee for uninterrupted use.

We employ only high-class masters with extensive experience working with equipment of any type. They carry out full diagnostics using computer technology. We order spare parts directly from manufacturers. We also have all the necessary resources and tools for high-quality restoration work.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have the skills to solve problems of any complexity. We cope with even the most hopeless situations and approach the issue with the mind.

By contacting our manager, you can get detailed advice on prices and stages of work. You can also order the service of calling the master at the address. He will carry out all the necessary actions, taking into account the limited time, which is so important for the resumption of production capacity. More accurate data on prices are established only after inspecting the unit. We guarantee transparency of calculations and provide a detailed estimate for the work performed.

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